In the past years, traffic during exhibitions has dropped. However, participating in such events remains a standard choice in the marketing mix as an opportunity to acquire new leads and perform networking. Now there’s a tool that will help you to have a higher return on those exhibitions, using expoMAX!

Why expoMAX?

For those companies that aren’t satisfied with “just average” results, those that go for maximum result, Zero Creative offers the innovative expoMAX solution. For expoMAX we use special, large LCD displays that show 3D without any glasses. Also we utilize interactive experiences based on simple gestures, without any touch. This unique combination triggers the imagination of people passing by and creates huge stopping power during events and exhibitions.

Why Zero Creative?

Zero Creative is the absolute pioneer in the field of interactive event presentations and the only one in the world delivering expoMAX. Large B2C brands, as Nike, Adidas and Reebok, but also many Industrial (B2B) companies, like KONE, J-Tec and CSi Industries are using expoMAX succesfully.

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